Thursday, December 4, 2008

thanks giving

everyone just left and now it's just me and george.
sean suggested that we have dinner together because he wanted to make the delicious vegan mushroom dressing and mashed potatoes that he had in milwaukee with shea. what turned out happening was a vegetarian (and almost all vegan!) potluck with lots of people at my house. unfortunately, brian was at work and chris was at home but other than that it was amazing.
i made black bean soup and avocado salsa from chrissy's vegan cookbook, which was amazing (and i think a hit of the party), sean made the mushroom gravy (it was unclear for a while whether it was going to be gravy or "mushroom stuff" but i had faith and it was really good gravy) and mashed taytoes, chrissy brought homemade from scratch vegan cornbread, ashley and rabbit brought mashed sweet potatoes, salad, and baked zucchini, jillian brought green beans, and lots of people brought beer. i had franzia, and chrissy, who came over first besides me and sean who were cooking in my kitchen, told me this funny joke: i always cook with wine. sometimes i even put it in the food. ha ha!
anyway, i had a great time with sean, then a great time with sean and chrissy, then a great time with sean, chrissy, aaron, brad, mike, beth, rabbit, ashley, and jillian. oh and who could forget the ice cold pomegranate appetizer? man. who knew? really cold is the way to go with pomegranate. and then, put some in your white wine. yes, please. then people gradually left and sean helped with dishes (ok, did the dishes).
and why don't we do that all the time? i feel so lucky to have so many friends in town, and in my life!

i'll post pics whenever i get them from sean.

oh look! pictures from sean.


Chrissy said...

this post is adorable. i had a great time! i'm so glad y'all invited me, and your soup was totally a hit. the mushroom gravy was pretty awesome too. i love food! and friends!

oldcrow61 said...

Hi there, I found you through Cornbread Hell. Being a vegetarian myself for about 30 years, I have to say that the food you had sounds wonderful. My question as well...why don't we do this more often. Always fun to have friends in for an evening for good food and wine.

cornbread hell said...

ok. i saw the pics on sean's blog.

now where are the recipes?