Thursday, March 26, 2009

saffron rice: yum!

oh, lost. how i love you!

i am watching the episode from last week and i am so excited that there will be one more after this to watch today!

also, i'm eating a chocolate brownie clif bar and it is amazing.

also, i got to sleep in a little bit today, even though clementine kind of kept me up for the last 30 minutes of sleep. bit it was cozy enough anyway, and all the kitties came and visited me in bed too. lovely pets.

this weekend is family weekend for me and chris. we are going to see his family for the weekend, and i'm going off on saturday to help my dad move in to his brand new apartment! i hope it is very fun.

oh dang, that means i have a lot of homework to do tonight and sunday.


i just found out that a beautiful house we were looking at renting was given to someone else. SO SAD.

Monday, March 23, 2009

when you need a friend, call me

i had my first not disappointing lesson today! my students were assigned a short chapter, they pretty tired, and we had a discussion instead of a writing activity.
i planned it last night and i think this is a much better avenue than having specific product lessons. discussing is more their style, and seems to lend itself to what they actually have trouble with more than graphic organizers do.
i expect they will be hyper again tomorrow but i think my lessons for tuesday and wednesday are strong too so i have moderately high hopes.
a problem i am having is that E reads much more quickly than the other two, and J hates the idea of re-reading something. (he actually just dislikes reading altogether.) i keep explaining to him why it's good reading practice to re-read, but he rolls his eyes and looks around the room. i told him today that i just want him int he book in some way the whole time we're reading. i said he can scan, look at the pictures, or go back and re-read. as long as he's in the book.

also the student teacher i like was in today which made the room more pleasant, and the student teacher i'm not a big fan of was much better today.

and now, a cat story:
me: malcolm was a b.a. this morning.
i got out of bed and went to potty. malcolm followed me so i left the door cracked so he could come use the litter box.
he came in and sniffed around, and all of a sudden a tiny paw comes shooting between the crack in the door.
Sean: ha
me: molly was like spy attacking the air just inside the bathroom.. so malcolm went up to see what was up, and molly walked in. she took one swat at him and malc popped her one right int he face.
she looked shocked, then ran off.
she deserves it bc she keeps eating his food
Sean: hahaha
good good
that's how he got me to stop eating his food

Monday, March 9, 2009

spring is near!

chris has been helping me ride a bike. sara gave me her old one, which is SO CUTE. it is a green huffy with a really low seat which helps me stop when i get freaked out, and helps me start more easily. the other day we went on a bike ride and stopped to drink water, rest my legs, and take these pictures:

that is my bike-riding sweater, since it matches my bike so perfectly! also, the handlebars are green with glitter. WHAT.

ps check out those tree shadows! beautiful.

saturday is sean's going away party. i am muy excited about it and muy excited that mike is coming homef or it!! i am not so excited that my brother is moving away for a long time very soon. i am just now realizing the gravity of the situation.
oh well, good thing i don't like him.