Friday, December 19, 2008

happy endings

ok. here's the thing about cats. and actually, most pets. and children.
ok. here's the thing about living creatures.
if they need more attention than they are getting, they become increasingly annoying and no one wants to give them attention. which is obviously the path toward more annoying behavior.
generally, george and i snuggle kind of a lot. we get a little in each morning and sometimes he falls asleep with me at night. when i get home from work we chill.
well apparently i have been slacking in my playing/petting duties lately in his eyes because he was a complete dick this morning.
first he knocks a bunch of shit over, and then he keeps meowing as soon as i close my eyes to go back to sleep after being woken by either him or the alarm.
then when i do get up, the first thing i do every day is feed him. seriously. out of bed, glasses on, food for george. sometimes not even glasses on first. apparently this is not good enough because he jumps up on the bookshelf where his food bowl is (acceptable) then immediately jumps down to where i am getting some food (annoying but acceptable) and starts pawing at the can of food i've filled ( annoying and unacceptable). so this morning, i try to push him away so he learns not to do this, and he freaking spills all the food i was trying to give him all over.
i know i just need to sit down and give him a few hours of loving, but man. why does he have to knock stuff over all the time.
wow that was a lot of energy devoted to bitching about a cat. i am probably a jerk.

in other news, i have been knitting which is nice. in the summers, when it makes the most sense to knit (cause then projects are done in time for cold weather), i cannot bring myself to do so because it is way too hot. somehow even handling the yarn seems to make me hotter. but now i am making a scarf for mike that i hope he will like (i hope you like it mike!). it is blue and ribbed. thin, but will be long so it can be wrapped and wrapped around his ohio neck.
last night i watched a movie called happy endings. it is brian's and i have seen it on the shelf many times but never chose it until yesterday. it was wonderful. it told about several people who all ended up being related (family-wise and symbolically) and maggie gyllenhaal is apparently a)good at playing a conniving b and b)a wonderful singer. lisa kudrow was excellent, and so was that guy whose name i don't know. anyway, see it if you can. instead of voice-over narrations, there are charming on-screen notes (pan the screen over so half is black and it says: This is Mamie. Don't worry if you don't like her at first. Her ex-husband was a gambling addict so that probably accounts for a lot. haha! and: This is _____. He is gay now, who isn't? hah. very charming.)

this weekend we're going to stephenville for early christmas. i think it's going to mostly be a family gathering rather than a christmas to-do.. but i am excited nonetheless. maybe we shouldn't call it christmas, since that puts a lot of pressure on.. meh.
then after sville sean and i are going to austin. he is moving there, which is very surreal for me. i have known he is moving for a long time but at the same time it came kind of suddenly, and now it's like a step toward moving very very far away, so i don't know how sad to be. i am sad he won't be in nac still, and won't still work with me. i will miss seeing him often, and i have never lived in nac without sean. but also he will be in austin which isn't that far, and he will definitely have fun! mostly i know this is hard for him so i'm trying to be supportive and also fun. hopefully that is being accomplished?
i am going there to see mom and then, on christmas day, i'm going to pick up alison at the airport! i am so excited that she's coming. whoa. then we get to drive to dallas to pick up arum, who i am equally excited to see! we may get to see a few of my friends - julianne, aubrey (and her fiance!), erin perhaps. and then we will go eat something with dad, who has never met al or rum. get excited. we will go back to austin that night and spend the week there. we'll have shabbat dinner and take walks and hopefully clem will come with chris and it will be an extravaganza!
but now i am going to go to work, for the last time in 2008. yessssss.

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