Friday, December 19, 2008

happy endings

ok. here's the thing about cats. and actually, most pets. and children.
ok. here's the thing about living creatures.
if they need more attention than they are getting, they become increasingly annoying and no one wants to give them attention. which is obviously the path toward more annoying behavior.
generally, george and i snuggle kind of a lot. we get a little in each morning and sometimes he falls asleep with me at night. when i get home from work we chill.
well apparently i have been slacking in my playing/petting duties lately in his eyes because he was a complete dick this morning.
first he knocks a bunch of shit over, and then he keeps meowing as soon as i close my eyes to go back to sleep after being woken by either him or the alarm.
then when i do get up, the first thing i do every day is feed him. seriously. out of bed, glasses on, food for george. sometimes not even glasses on first. apparently this is not good enough because he jumps up on the bookshelf where his food bowl is (acceptable) then immediately jumps down to where i am getting some food (annoying but acceptable) and starts pawing at the can of food i've filled ( annoying and unacceptable). so this morning, i try to push him away so he learns not to do this, and he freaking spills all the food i was trying to give him all over.
i know i just need to sit down and give him a few hours of loving, but man. why does he have to knock stuff over all the time.
wow that was a lot of energy devoted to bitching about a cat. i am probably a jerk.

in other news, i have been knitting which is nice. in the summers, when it makes the most sense to knit (cause then projects are done in time for cold weather), i cannot bring myself to do so because it is way too hot. somehow even handling the yarn seems to make me hotter. but now i am making a scarf for mike that i hope he will like (i hope you like it mike!). it is blue and ribbed. thin, but will be long so it can be wrapped and wrapped around his ohio neck.
last night i watched a movie called happy endings. it is brian's and i have seen it on the shelf many times but never chose it until yesterday. it was wonderful. it told about several people who all ended up being related (family-wise and symbolically) and maggie gyllenhaal is apparently a)good at playing a conniving b and b)a wonderful singer. lisa kudrow was excellent, and so was that guy whose name i don't know. anyway, see it if you can. instead of voice-over narrations, there are charming on-screen notes (pan the screen over so half is black and it says: This is Mamie. Don't worry if you don't like her at first. Her ex-husband was a gambling addict so that probably accounts for a lot. haha! and: This is _____. He is gay now, who isn't? hah. very charming.)

this weekend we're going to stephenville for early christmas. i think it's going to mostly be a family gathering rather than a christmas to-do.. but i am excited nonetheless. maybe we shouldn't call it christmas, since that puts a lot of pressure on.. meh.
then after sville sean and i are going to austin. he is moving there, which is very surreal for me. i have known he is moving for a long time but at the same time it came kind of suddenly, and now it's like a step toward moving very very far away, so i don't know how sad to be. i am sad he won't be in nac still, and won't still work with me. i will miss seeing him often, and i have never lived in nac without sean. but also he will be in austin which isn't that far, and he will definitely have fun! mostly i know this is hard for him so i'm trying to be supportive and also fun. hopefully that is being accomplished?
i am going there to see mom and then, on christmas day, i'm going to pick up alison at the airport! i am so excited that she's coming. whoa. then we get to drive to dallas to pick up arum, who i am equally excited to see! we may get to see a few of my friends - julianne, aubrey (and her fiance!), erin perhaps. and then we will go eat something with dad, who has never met al or rum. get excited. we will go back to austin that night and spend the week there. we'll have shabbat dinner and take walks and hopefully clem will come with chris and it will be an extravaganza!
but now i am going to go to work, for the last time in 2008. yessssss.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


i know you all were pretty worried about it, but don't worry anymore. i finally got into the internship classes for next semester! yesssss. a little perseverance and a whole lot of frustration can get you places sometimes.
ahhh i am excited. going to be interning at the charter school on campus.. don't know what grade yet or anything.. or really anything about it. but i'm excited.
now to make more excel sheets about what's in folders and files.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

thanks giving

everyone just left and now it's just me and george.
sean suggested that we have dinner together because he wanted to make the delicious vegan mushroom dressing and mashed potatoes that he had in milwaukee with shea. what turned out happening was a vegetarian (and almost all vegan!) potluck with lots of people at my house. unfortunately, brian was at work and chris was at home but other than that it was amazing.
i made black bean soup and avocado salsa from chrissy's vegan cookbook, which was amazing (and i think a hit of the party), sean made the mushroom gravy (it was unclear for a while whether it was going to be gravy or "mushroom stuff" but i had faith and it was really good gravy) and mashed taytoes, chrissy brought homemade from scratch vegan cornbread, ashley and rabbit brought mashed sweet potatoes, salad, and baked zucchini, jillian brought green beans, and lots of people brought beer. i had franzia, and chrissy, who came over first besides me and sean who were cooking in my kitchen, told me this funny joke: i always cook with wine. sometimes i even put it in the food. ha ha!
anyway, i had a great time with sean, then a great time with sean and chrissy, then a great time with sean, chrissy, aaron, brad, mike, beth, rabbit, ashley, and jillian. oh and who could forget the ice cold pomegranate appetizer? man. who knew? really cold is the way to go with pomegranate. and then, put some in your white wine. yes, please. then people gradually left and sean helped with dishes (ok, did the dishes).
and why don't we do that all the time? i feel so lucky to have so many friends in town, and in my life!

i'll post pics whenever i get them from sean.

oh look! pictures from sean.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Books and Boots

Well. Today it sure was hard to get up and get out of bed. Not that I slept in much over the break. But then I was getting up to go shopping and do other fun things. Today it was -blah- to go to school! But it has turned out to be a pretty good day so far anyway!
But the good news is that I am one step closer to interning next semester. I turned in my application for teacher ed and soon hopefully I can sign up for a school and an advisor! So excited.

These are the purple boots I got. Um, can we talk about how great that is? PURPLE.

Last night I finished reading Middlesex. I was really sad that it was over, but loved the ending. And the whole thing. The best part about it, I think, is that it was a fictional autobiography, but it told one person's story through three generations. Also, I went back to the first page and reread it when I was almost done, and it completely told so many of the huge events right there on page 1, and it was kind of cool to say oh yeah! I forgot this was going to happen. Now it did. I'm not sure why that was cool, but I really liked the way the author (Jefferey Eugenides) gave away things before they happened -- more than just foreshadowing.. Often he would tell what was about to happen, and then spend a few pages getting there. It was like I was being braced. So that way, I didn't have to try hard not to read the end of the page I was on for fear that I would find out something big.. Most of the big stuff had been alluded to, or even flat-out said. Example: Talking about character's adjustment to a move, then says: "but it didn't last long. Three weeks in fact" or something to that extent. I would have thought that would bug me, but it was actually really great. Made the narrator more real too. Basically, it is a wonderful book and I recommend it. Highly.

Hmmm. I didn't really have enough pie this weekend. (Not much at all, for Thanksgiving! But some awesome raspberry/blackberry marie calendar's for breakfast.) Maybe I will have to make some? Who's got fruit?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

holiday apple spice

well. i'm not going to write a whole big post about it at this moment, but thanksgiving was very enjoyable. though i missed dad, sean, and chris. my men.
today was also enjoyable. none of those men would have had fun, but i sure did! shopped with mom (no it wasn't very crazy.. due to good timing on our part somehow), did craft/homework, ate delish food, and listened to some christmas music. among other things.
must go to bed soon. more things to do tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

George the cat rules more than George the Bush

wow. I just read a beautifully written, scathing article on Bush's lame duck status.
(Bush's Last Days: The Lamest Duck)

I'm going to Austin in a few hours, and I've given Chrissy my key so George can get some foods for Thanksgiving, I've started to pack, I've cleaned the litter box, I've vacuumed around the litter box, I've started to do the dishes, I've burned a CD for Mom and Charlie... And then I sat down at the computer and George crawled in my lap and fell asleep so now how can I get up? He's so sweet and I'm about to leave him for 5 days.

Also, I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to pull off finishing all the schoolwork I need to do by Monday. I will, of course, but I am not quite sure when yet. I have to compile this notebook of lesson plan ideas for my class, and of course the points are all about how full and beautiful it is.. I know being a teacher is, in part, about organization and presentation, but I hate that I have to buy sheet protectors and fancy paper to get the grade. (Ok, I love buying fancy paper, but I don't like the paying part.) Oh well. Evett's class to the rescue.

Ok I guess I'll have to make George move now.
Sorry, buddy.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

single ladies

it is unreasonable how much i like the new beyonce song.

Monday, November 24, 2008

the not-so-final countdown

what a wonderful weekend!
rabbit and i went to get chris from troup. on the way home, we stopped at the "donuts and pizza" drivethru in new summerville or whatever it was. the pizza took a while to cook, apparently, but chocolate-iced donuts+piping hot cheese pizza: amazing.
and then we played loaded questions. oh man.
"if you wrote a love song to your true love, what would it be called?"
best answer: "stop touching my vagina"
oh and also, margarita and queso!
then we went to tim's, where there was a fire and fun.
when it got real late, we went to my house and waited for MIKE TO ARRIVE! when he did reach nacogdoches, from far-away athens, ohio, we proceeded to stay up til 4:30 am. best part: walking to whataburger, sitting in whataburger with 35 people and all of a sudden, we look up and we were the only ones in there. WHAT? whataburger magic.
anyway, we also went to sushi, played wii at sadie's, and ate too much at cici's.
rabbit and chris (and clem) and i went to troup again, and then turned around, minus chris and clementine.
i'm excited about tomorrow, because it's the last day of schoolbefore thanksgiving break! then, there's just one week of class, finals, and winter break!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

just a few updates

going to austin on wednesday and then san antonio on thursday. very excited. then finals! i love how close together thanksgiving and chrsitmas breaks are. yessss.

sushi at lunch was a big success. meaning, i got to watch flight of the conchords IN THE CAR on the way there, and there was a hand roll and tempura involved.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

academic success?

i am very excited because i finally (yes i have been at sfa for two years) talked to the right person about getting certain classes from brandeis to count as certain classes at sfa. i have tried to find out who is in charge of this for literally 4 semesters and have never even heard of dr. elizabeth vaughan. now i know that she was a state secret and i had to go through 2 years' worth of routine trials to get to her. hopefully she will be the key to my success in interning next semester. please please please dr. vaughan! don't crush my optimism once and for all!

ps i love soup. i should eat it every day.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


fine. i missed yesterday too. i am not so good at nablopomo.

anyway, i found this article and i think it is badass.

also, on baby carrots:
basically, there are varieties of carrot that are just small. and some carrots are picked before they are big. but pretty much whenever you buy baby carrots in the store, they are big carrots that were curvy or bumpy or short, that would be fed to pigs and other animals, but are cut down to be "baby carrots."

i have mixed feelings about this, as obviously it's good that up to 4 tons of carrots per day are saved from being thrown away, but i also think it's bull that you can't just sell a vegetable or fruit that doesn't look right. the only reason it doesn't look right is because people don't know jack about the food they eat. obviously all carrots are not going to look exactly the same. and obviously their taste and nutritional value does not change because of that.

some people.

Monday, November 17, 2008

grampa simpson says...

"i've been doin [crossword puzzles] since 1958. back then we called em alphabet hotels because every letter gets its own little room."

i recently decided that i would try and become a crossword aficionado like my dad. (my dad is like ridic.. so many words in his head.) so far i mostly do the free usa today ones online, but they're getting easier for me to complete, so that's good. if i was rich i would do the nyt ones but i don't have the newspaper, nor am i going to pay for the online subscription just so i can do the crossword.
i bought a book at half price books for $1 that has lots of puzzles but they're all really easy and also pretty stupid.
the point is that i've been slacking in my quest to be a master (or at least legitimate cruciverbalist, which lisa simpson taught me means a crossword enthusiast), and watching the simpsons today rekindled the want.

ALSO, the point is that watching the simpsons today made me remember that i should watch the simpsons again. god it's so good.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

too bad

i always get real bummed when chris leaves for the week

Saturday, November 15, 2008

i have to pee

it's true. why don't i go pee then? i'm already sitting down. DUH.
today i hung out at my house all day while the wind blew really hard all day. i thought surely it was raining at several points, but it was not! turns out it was blowing in a cold front. busy busy wind.
luckily, i had many things to do in my house, including sewing (my sewing machine SUCKS), making holiday cards, hanging out with brian, and talking to my lovely friend arum.
now i have to hang out with my gross boyfriend chris.

Friday, November 14, 2008

underneath the mistletoe last night

i thought i would post twice today since the previous one counts for yesterday's.

the main thing that i need to tell you is that starbucks' gingersnap latte is delicious and contains little pieces of ginger.

also, that it was wonderful to come home today to a clean living room. my bedroom is still a bit messy, since my clean clothes are on my bed still (after a week) and my desk is a war zone, and i have a few boxes of things from dad's house still in the closet, but mostly it is nice being at home right now. i think the next mission is to get rid of some of my stuff. love, inc here i come!

also i am making a christmas cd for my mom since she loves christmas music and i'm trying to get a head start on presents since i am always so stressed about gifts that i don't get to enjoy giving them. so far i am down 4 gifts! excellent. and i'm working on chris' right now.

yes i do know that it's too early for christmas music in stores and decorations in the library, but i think as long as i don't impose it on other people, it's ok for productivity's sake. yes?

movies with hal sparks are always good

yesterday the internet at my house was being silly. then once it was not being silly i forgot to post.

i found out why the vacuum cleaner STILL wasn't working properly after i cleaned the filter. turns out that parts of the machine that i didn't know existed were totally clogged, and after i cleaned them out, the thing was amazing! i realize that blogging about cleaning is really boring, but it is very exciting to not have cat litter all over my room for the first time since i got george. wow.

brian, sean, and rabbit were going to see james bond at midnight but it turns out the nacogdoches theater is stupid, and having it tonight. does that make sense? no. anyway, we had movie night at my house instead and we watched a very similar movie: dude, where's my car? which was amazing. i saw that movie when it came out in 2000, when i was in 9th grade. i laughed the entire time, and the whole way home and everyone i was with thought i was an idiot. but, watching it again, i know i was right. dumbest movie ever. dude. sweet.

oh yeah, and there was arbor mist from sunshine involved.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

in fact he'll be here in a minute

today was better than yesterday, by a long shot.
last night i found out part of the reason the vaccuum cleaner sucks so bad: i hadn't ever cleaned the filter. apparently that is something you have to do. i'm not sure it's a very powerful appliance anyway, but it's better now at least.
also i listened to a lot of beyonce this morning before school, which is obviously a big plus for the day.
and i had strawberries as part of my lunch. yum yum!
i sent an email to the dean of the college of education asking for special consideration to let me intern next semester. he sent me along to the associate dean, who is in charge of the department of elementary eduction, so hopefully she will be nice and understanding. i really don't want to waste an entire 2 summers summer and 1 semester. that is what i will have to do if the plan goes as is. hope is alive!

you must not know bout me

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

went to get advised today. found out i can't intern next semester, and i have to take bullshit core classes next semester. tack on one more semester to my neverending college experience.
also i officially dropped an art major which i clearly wasn't working on but was holding onto so i could feel like i was doing something creative and unique in life.
forgive me if i'm having a shitty day

Monday, November 10, 2008

hot and cold

today i woke up warm and a little sweaty. that is because i had three blankets on me. that is because my heater is broken. yes, it runs if you turn it to "always stay on no matter the temperature." it does not, however, turn on if you turn it to "if it gets cold in here, please turn on until it is warm in here." nor does it heat if it is on. this is the kicker. so i woke up, remembered my childhood, put on a sweatshirt (boyfriend's, which makes me feel cozy), and made tea and malt-o-meal.
then i called my landlord and asked them to send someone over. they will come sometime this week, she said, and so sorry george, but you are in my room all day until they come. oh yeah. i'm not supposed to have pets.
then i proceeded to do other responsible things before class which always makes me feel good. i made an appointment, took out the trash, and cleaned a tiny bit.
i have realized that no matter how much i clean, my apartment will always look like crap for some reason, but --this is key-- that i should not let that defeat me. otherwise, i will live in a messy/dirty apartment AND feel like a slob. this way i just feel like a person who needs a better vaccuum and needs less stuff.
then after class i made another necessary appointment (to be advised for next semseter) and now i'm at work.
hopfully the progress of the morning does not trick me into not doing anything else productive all day. that is the tricky bit.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


sorry mike, my one of three avid readers. i didn't mean to ruin your day with my cop-out post. i didn't have anything to say and was feeling blah so i did what any smart nablopomo-er would do: i added a shady non-post.
today is different! for example, i am posting a real post as we speak. (as i write?) i promise. you will see it when i'm done.
last night we went to see role models, which was pretty funny. there were definitely a few lol moments but the sort of funny moments were all but ruined by this girl and guy behind us who were LAUGHING uncontrollably at totally inane shit. like if one character mildly sasses another, they would go nuts! o well. guess they had fun. but the verdict on role models: rent it. it's pretty good, and if you're into boys liking boobs and little kids acting nerdy/inappropriate, then you will love it. also if you love larping or making fun of larpers, then this is the movie for you.
then we went to sean's house and sat around the fire which was really fun, and also delicious because of the s'mores. chris and i are probably going to hang out with clementine until our hearts fail out because we can't stand how cute she is (did i mention that when chris comes i am only excited because of clem?) and then he'll go home at some point, which is fine with me because chris blows.


Saturday, November 8, 2008


here is a post

Friday, November 7, 2008

the latter ladder

i'm making some lasagna and i just realized that i hadn't posted today! it's not like i've missed any other of the 7 days in noblopomo -- i can't miss this one!

chris isn't coming tonight so i'm going to clean? do homework? waste time?
probably the latter...
it seems so much later than it is because a) i left work early, b) it is darker so much earlier, and c) i'm already real hungry for dinner. eh. i suppose i will enjoy my dinner and try to do something responsible.

nothing really happened today so i guess this is my post. but at least i made one, eh?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

bread of life

this happened the other day, but i was just thinking about it and laughing inside my head.
jo: i hate when people do things inefficiently on the internet.
chris: why? who cares? it's just how i do things.
jo: because the internet is for efficiency.
chris: no, the internet is for porn.


in other news, i got a great puzzle ("bread of life," featuring jesus in a field of hay, eating bread) and did some of it last night while watching "willy wonka and the chocolate factory" and "charlie bartlett" which were both very great.

when i woke up it was raining which was nice, and cozy in my little bed. george was not snuggling me, but i guess he was comfy somewhere else in the house.

guess i got real excited yesterday, and went quote-crazy. hopefully you don't hold it against me, my new reader friends.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


i am a sucker for music, speeches, and emotional responses.
i am so proud of america, and also ashamed that it took this long.
chris told me about a girl he works with who said "black people are so arrogant. if he wins they're just going to get more arrogant. we gave them their rights anyway." i can't understand how someone can think that and not hear what they are saying.
anyway, i guess there will always be two sides, like dad said, and as long as the people on the other side aren't being hateful, that's ok. but someone needs to educate that girl, and people like her.

From the Declaration of Independence, the writers of which did not understand that they didn't really believe this, but I DO.
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. ... And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor."

From the Constitution of the United States of America:
"The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years, and, together with the Vice-President chosen for the same Term, be elected"

From the Unitarian Universalist Association:
"We, the member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association, covenant to affirm and promote:
  • The inherent worth and dignity of every person;
  • Justice, equity and compassion in human relations;
  • Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations;
  • A free and responsible search for truth and meaning;
  • The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large;
  • The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all;
  • Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part."

From Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Mountaintop speech:
"We don't have to argue with anybody. We don't have to curse and go around acting bad with our words. We don't need any bricks and bottles, we don't need any Molotov cocktails, we just need to go around to these stores, and to these massive industries in our country, and say, "God sent us by here, to say to you that you're not treating his children right. And we've come by here to ask you to make the first item on your agenda fair treatment, where God's children are concerned. Now, if you are not prepared to do that, we do have an agenda that we must follow. ..." ...Now, let me say as I move to my conclusion that we've got to give ourselves to this struggle until the end. Nothing would be more tragic than to stop at this point, in Memphis. We've got to see it through. And when we have our march, you need to be there. Be concerned about your brother. You may not be on strike. But either we go up together, or we go down together."

From Barack Obama's race speech:
"I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community. I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother - a woman who helped raise me, a woman who sacrificed again and again for me, a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world, but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe.These people are a part of me. And they are a part of America, this country that I love."

From Barack Obama's "Yes We Can" speech:
"When I hear the cynical talk that blacks and whites and Latinos can't join together and work together, I'm reminded of the Latino brothers and sisters I organized with and stood with and fought with side by side for jobs and justice on the streets of Chicago. So don't tell us change can't happen. ... Don't tell me we can't change. Yes, we can. Yes, we can change. Yes, we can. Yes, we can heal this nation. Yes, we can seize our future. And as we leave this great state with a new wind at our backs and we take this journey across this great country, a country we love, with the message we carry from the plains of Iowa to the hills of New Hampshire, from the Nevada desert to the South Carolina coast, the same message we had when we were up and when we were down, that out of many, we are one; that while we breathe, we will hope.And where we are met with cynicism and doubt and fear and those who tell us that we can't, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of the American people in three simple words -- yes, we can."


i don't know what do do. obama wins, according to the news channels (we checked fox news bc if they reported it it couldn't be false), and now apparently it's time for bed. i am drunk on beer and champagne, and on victory and the american dream, and i guess it's bedtime. but mark begich still has his seat to win, because it is such a far-away seat (man! get a closer state, dude!) and the rest of the polls still have yet to come in.
and i may or may not have homework. but if i got the monday after homecoming off from doing homework, i can't believe that i would really and truly have something expected tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

civic duties

election day! go america! my sentiments about the election are summed up by my friend chrissy:

"Today is Election Day, and I think that you should vote. Naturally, I would prefer that you voted for Barack Obama, because I think he is the best candidate, but in the end, I just want you to vote for whoever you think will do the best job. Think about it - if everyone voted, and voted with their hearts, then the winner of the election would reflect the will of the people. I can get on board with that, even if I don't agree with it. But if people stay home, don't care, are apathetic, lazy, forgetful - well, then the election is not a true reflection of our collection needs and hopes and dreams. And that's fucked up.

So vote! If you hate both the candidates, vote for a third party! And if you love me, then vote for Barack Obama."

that is all.

Monday, November 3, 2008


fuck. i got a facebook message last night from a friend of sam's. i had never heard of her, and she lives in new york, i think (assumed from her facebook profile), and she didn't know about sam. i guess she went on his facebook since it was his birthday and got confused. so she must have googled "samuel colquitt" and found one of sean's blog posts about his death. so she wrote to me (i guess just bc i was one of the people who had written on his wall?) and asked what happened. i wrote her back, and tried to explain in enough but not too much detail. i had to go back through his note, which i had let fall behind my desk because i didn't want to have to see it, to make sure he didn't mention her. he didn't, which is kind of good because i really didn't want to type his words. that is too much for me.
so now mallory is going through what we went through when it happened. only it is six months later and no one is going through it with her. i know we are all still grieving, and a little shocked sometimes that it's true, but literally no one but her is dealing with just learning of his death besides her. fuck that sucks. and she's far away so it's not like anyone she knows knew him. (i don't know how they knew each other, but she said they talked online and on the phone (about cats of course).)
personally, it brought me back to that night and the next day. when i called everyone i could think of from high school to tell them what happened. and when i had to tell my fucking brother about it. actually i guess i did tell him first but he was mostly asleep so he just thought our friends had turned into candy. i suppose shaina actually broke the news to him. but the way i experienced it, i told him, and at the same time i didn't want to tell anyone ever again, and i wanted to be the one to tell everyone. that is, i wanted to tell everyone from high school because i couldn't stand it if one of them heard from an indirect source.
i know it was inevitable that we didn't know every single one of sam's friends. he had a lot of friends. but i am sad that this mallory didn't know. i told her to call me so we can talk about it. i don't know how it's going to go, because i have healed a lot since, and i also still hurt a lot.

this was a really sad second post, i know, but that's the way it is.
today might be a better day. how 'bout it!

i'll try to think of really nice fun things to write about tomorrow, to cheer me (and probably you, after reading this post) up.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

late already.

well i was going to start this blog yesterday with the beginning of NoBloPoMo, November Blog Posting Month, but clearly I am a day behind. figures.
Today is Sam's birthday and we are having a feast in his honor. I made bread last night, from a mix that we got from Upton when we moved out. (i know i never officially lived there but a. i kind of did, and b. we all did.) Anyway I assume it was Sam's mix because who else cooked bread at Upton? I got dill from the farmer's market so I made it Dill Beer Bread. I also made a salad with veggies from the farmer's market and other stuff I had. Chris is making potatoes and salmon as we speak. Hopefully others have either made food or are bringing their party hats.
I, of course, had to put a damper on the salmon dish by bitching about peppers. I just hate them. But I guess I should hush up about it. It is going to be delish tho and I am excited.
Clementine is sleeping on my couch, which is how I like it. I've really missed her this semester. Obviously I miss Chris too (and more) but it's funny how a pet grows on you.
George has been an excellent companion, and I feel really honored that I can be his caretaker now that Sam is gone, and Mike is away. I think we are helping each other thru the hard times. OK, mostly he sleeps and attacks ankles, but he helps me thru the hard times.

I promise I will write every day for the rest of November, and on the first of December, to make up for yesterday.