Thursday, March 26, 2009

saffron rice: yum!

oh, lost. how i love you!

i am watching the episode from last week and i am so excited that there will be one more after this to watch today!

also, i'm eating a chocolate brownie clif bar and it is amazing.

also, i got to sleep in a little bit today, even though clementine kind of kept me up for the last 30 minutes of sleep. bit it was cozy enough anyway, and all the kitties came and visited me in bed too. lovely pets.

this weekend is family weekend for me and chris. we are going to see his family for the weekend, and i'm going off on saturday to help my dad move in to his brand new apartment! i hope it is very fun.

oh dang, that means i have a lot of homework to do tonight and sunday.


i just found out that a beautiful house we were looking at renting was given to someone else. SO SAD.


janette said...

bummer bout the house!!! that means something better is on the horizon. no, wait . that's just a plane. well. don't give up hope.

janette said...

here's what i'm tired of: saffron rice