Monday, March 9, 2009

spring is near!

chris has been helping me ride a bike. sara gave me her old one, which is SO CUTE. it is a green huffy with a really low seat which helps me stop when i get freaked out, and helps me start more easily. the other day we went on a bike ride and stopped to drink water, rest my legs, and take these pictures:

that is my bike-riding sweater, since it matches my bike so perfectly! also, the handlebars are green with glitter. WHAT.

ps check out those tree shadows! beautiful.

saturday is sean's going away party. i am muy excited about it and muy excited that mike is coming homef or it!! i am not so excited that my brother is moving away for a long time very soon. i am just now realizing the gravity of the situation.
oh well, good thing i don't like him.


seanlb said...

i don't believe it. i want to see pictures of you actually riding said bike.

janette said...

jo!!!! i am so proud of you! yay josephine and her green bike

seanlb said...

so proud!

Rum said...


Rum said...

or jade? with some asian flavor in it? or alison schwartzbaum kelly green?

Alison Miami-Face Schwartzbaum said...

and, you MATCH YOUR BIKE!! just like the pros!! green on green baby!!

also, i'm ok with asian flavor alison schwarztbaum kelly green color/name because then you can say things like, :i'm going to ride my green asian or my jew!" who doesn't like slightly offensive, totally amazing bike names?!

random- wouldn't it be cool if the word verification was a real vocab word with the definition and people could learn a new word of the day every time we posted?! I love words of the day. We have one everyday at school. They say it during announcements in the am. They are usually good. Yesterday was an exception. Seriously, turkey vulture? (This bird has a six-foot wing span, is black with a red head, and eats carrion--that is, it eats dead or rotting flesh. These birds can be seen throughout South Florida.)