Wednesday, July 1, 2009

clear springs quips

here are two amazing quotes i heard at clear springs (friends seafood and burger restaurant where i am working, and east texans love to eat).

"We're so hungry we can see builscuits walkin' on crutches."


"Man they got Robert Earl Keen playin' in here. You got to love some Robert Earl."

More to come I hope.


cornbread hell said...

are you a waitress? (a wait person?)

does that 1st quote make any kinda sense, or is it just me?

how's molly?

p.s. happy almost b'day week!

josephine terese said...

a) hostess. welcome to clear springs. how many will there be? just this way, please. enjoy your meal.

b) i think maybe one might say 'we can see cows walkin' on crutches,' as in they would be easy to shoot, then eat. honestly, i don't know. we don't even serve biscuits.

c) molly is almost big, and so playful! she's the only pet who loves me more than chris.

d) thanks!!

seanlb said...

very cool jo jo. how do you like the job?

also- keep a lookout for a birthday present from me!!!