Thursday, November 6, 2008

bread of life

this happened the other day, but i was just thinking about it and laughing inside my head.
jo: i hate when people do things inefficiently on the internet.
chris: why? who cares? it's just how i do things.
jo: because the internet is for efficiency.
chris: no, the internet is for porn.


in other news, i got a great puzzle ("bread of life," featuring jesus in a field of hay, eating bread) and did some of it last night while watching "willy wonka and the chocolate factory" and "charlie bartlett" which were both very great.

when i woke up it was raining which was nice, and cozy in my little bed. george was not snuggling me, but i guess he was comfy somewhere else in the house.

guess i got real excited yesterday, and went quote-crazy. hopefully you don't hold it against me, my new reader friends.

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