Wednesday, November 12, 2008

in fact he'll be here in a minute

today was better than yesterday, by a long shot.
last night i found out part of the reason the vaccuum cleaner sucks so bad: i hadn't ever cleaned the filter. apparently that is something you have to do. i'm not sure it's a very powerful appliance anyway, but it's better now at least.
also i listened to a lot of beyonce this morning before school, which is obviously a big plus for the day.
and i had strawberries as part of my lunch. yum yum!
i sent an email to the dean of the college of education asking for special consideration to let me intern next semester. he sent me along to the associate dean, who is in charge of the department of elementary eduction, so hopefully she will be nice and understanding. i really don't want to waste an entire 2 summers summer and 1 semester. that is what i will have to do if the plan goes as is. hope is alive!

you must not know bout me

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