Wednesday, November 19, 2008


fine. i missed yesterday too. i am not so good at nablopomo.

anyway, i found this article and i think it is badass.

also, on baby carrots:
basically, there are varieties of carrot that are just small. and some carrots are picked before they are big. but pretty much whenever you buy baby carrots in the store, they are big carrots that were curvy or bumpy or short, that would be fed to pigs and other animals, but are cut down to be "baby carrots."

i have mixed feelings about this, as obviously it's good that up to 4 tons of carrots per day are saved from being thrown away, but i also think it's bull that you can't just sell a vegetable or fruit that doesn't look right. the only reason it doesn't look right is because people don't know jack about the food they eat. obviously all carrots are not going to look exactly the same. and obviously their taste and nutritional value does not change because of that.

some people.


Chrissy said...

For real! Check out the mutant carrots in our CSA baskets and tell me they are not delicious.

Speaking of ugly vegetables, have you found a good way to eat the Jerusalem artichokes? So far I've been throwing them in salad but I am sure I can do better than that.

josephine terese said...

i like them in salad, and haven't actually made any recipes with it but apparently there are lots.

cornbread hell said...

but just think how much more often you (we) blog now even if nablopomo was a fail. (is that grammatically correct usage of the term, "fail"?)

i prefer oddly shaped veggies. especially tomatoes. i actually thought all "baby" carrots were made from regular ones for marketing purposes and had no idea about those cool looking real babies.

Treasures By Brenda said...

I agree, that produce should be fine, even if it is a bit twisted. For more information about baby carrots, you might enjoy reading a page that I have written called Baby Carrots ~~ When Is A Carrot Not A Carrot.