Friday, November 14, 2008

movies with hal sparks are always good

yesterday the internet at my house was being silly. then once it was not being silly i forgot to post.

i found out why the vacuum cleaner STILL wasn't working properly after i cleaned the filter. turns out that parts of the machine that i didn't know existed were totally clogged, and after i cleaned them out, the thing was amazing! i realize that blogging about cleaning is really boring, but it is very exciting to not have cat litter all over my room for the first time since i got george. wow.

brian, sean, and rabbit were going to see james bond at midnight but it turns out the nacogdoches theater is stupid, and having it tonight. does that make sense? no. anyway, we had movie night at my house instead and we watched a very similar movie: dude, where's my car? which was amazing. i saw that movie when it came out in 2000, when i was in 9th grade. i laughed the entire time, and the whole way home and everyone i was with thought i was an idiot. but, watching it again, i know i was right. dumbest movie ever. dude. sweet.

oh yeah, and there was arbor mist from sunshine involved.

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Mike Jaynes said...

I just laughed at the fact that your comments are called compliments.

So, here's a compliment. You're real pretty Josephine Terese.

And here's a comment - Arbor Mist from Sunshine is the best.