Monday, November 24, 2008

the not-so-final countdown

what a wonderful weekend!
rabbit and i went to get chris from troup. on the way home, we stopped at the "donuts and pizza" drivethru in new summerville or whatever it was. the pizza took a while to cook, apparently, but chocolate-iced donuts+piping hot cheese pizza: amazing.
and then we played loaded questions. oh man.
"if you wrote a love song to your true love, what would it be called?"
best answer: "stop touching my vagina"
oh and also, margarita and queso!
then we went to tim's, where there was a fire and fun.
when it got real late, we went to my house and waited for MIKE TO ARRIVE! when he did reach nacogdoches, from far-away athens, ohio, we proceeded to stay up til 4:30 am. best part: walking to whataburger, sitting in whataburger with 35 people and all of a sudden, we look up and we were the only ones in there. WHAT? whataburger magic.
anyway, we also went to sushi, played wii at sadie's, and ate too much at cici's.
rabbit and chris (and clem) and i went to troup again, and then turned around, minus chris and clementine.
i'm excited about tomorrow, because it's the last day of schoolbefore thanksgiving break! then, there's just one week of class, finals, and winter break!!!

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