Friday, November 14, 2008

underneath the mistletoe last night

i thought i would post twice today since the previous one counts for yesterday's.

the main thing that i need to tell you is that starbucks' gingersnap latte is delicious and contains little pieces of ginger.

also, that it was wonderful to come home today to a clean living room. my bedroom is still a bit messy, since my clean clothes are on my bed still (after a week) and my desk is a war zone, and i have a few boxes of things from dad's house still in the closet, but mostly it is nice being at home right now. i think the next mission is to get rid of some of my stuff. love, inc here i come!

also i am making a christmas cd for my mom since she loves christmas music and i'm trying to get a head start on presents since i am always so stressed about gifts that i don't get to enjoy giving them. so far i am down 4 gifts! excellent. and i'm working on chris' right now.

yes i do know that it's too early for christmas music in stores and decorations in the library, but i think as long as i don't impose it on other people, it's ok for productivity's sake. yes?

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