Sunday, November 9, 2008


sorry mike, my one of three avid readers. i didn't mean to ruin your day with my cop-out post. i didn't have anything to say and was feeling blah so i did what any smart nablopomo-er would do: i added a shady non-post.
today is different! for example, i am posting a real post as we speak. (as i write?) i promise. you will see it when i'm done.
last night we went to see role models, which was pretty funny. there were definitely a few lol moments but the sort of funny moments were all but ruined by this girl and guy behind us who were LAUGHING uncontrollably at totally inane shit. like if one character mildly sasses another, they would go nuts! o well. guess they had fun. but the verdict on role models: rent it. it's pretty good, and if you're into boys liking boobs and little kids acting nerdy/inappropriate, then you will love it. also if you love larping or making fun of larpers, then this is the movie for you.
then we went to sean's house and sat around the fire which was really fun, and also delicious because of the s'mores. chris and i are probably going to hang out with clementine until our hearts fail out because we can't stand how cute she is (did i mention that when chris comes i am only excited because of clem?) and then he'll go home at some point, which is fine with me because chris blows.


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