Monday, November 10, 2008

hot and cold

today i woke up warm and a little sweaty. that is because i had three blankets on me. that is because my heater is broken. yes, it runs if you turn it to "always stay on no matter the temperature." it does not, however, turn on if you turn it to "if it gets cold in here, please turn on until it is warm in here." nor does it heat if it is on. this is the kicker. so i woke up, remembered my childhood, put on a sweatshirt (boyfriend's, which makes me feel cozy), and made tea and malt-o-meal.
then i called my landlord and asked them to send someone over. they will come sometime this week, she said, and so sorry george, but you are in my room all day until they come. oh yeah. i'm not supposed to have pets.
then i proceeded to do other responsible things before class which always makes me feel good. i made an appointment, took out the trash, and cleaned a tiny bit.
i have realized that no matter how much i clean, my apartment will always look like crap for some reason, but --this is key-- that i should not let that defeat me. otherwise, i will live in a messy/dirty apartment AND feel like a slob. this way i just feel like a person who needs a better vaccuum and needs less stuff.
then after class i made another necessary appointment (to be advised for next semseter) and now i'm at work.
hopfully the progress of the morning does not trick me into not doing anything else productive all day. that is the tricky bit.


Mike Jaynes said...

For an apartment that doesn't allow pets, you sure have had a lot of pets in there

josephine terese said...

that is because i am sneaky. like a fox. which i have had in my apartment.

Anonymous said...

I would totally love sleeping in your apartment right now!